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Youth contact officers near you in Dortmund and Lünen
Do you have a problem? We'll find solutions together! Give us a call or write to us!
  • We break down inhibitions between young people and the police
  • We are an uncomplicated point of contact for you
  • We stay in places that you frequent
  • We are there when you need help and are always available to talk to you
  • We do not want you to slip into the criminal milieu
  • We work closely with other authorities and associations
  • We can help you quickly and unbureaucratically, even if there is no police problem
  • We will not leave you alone if you have become a victim
  • We keep an eye on young offenders
Contact us

für den Bereich Dortmund-Mitte
Telefon: 02311321156

für den Bereich Dortmund-Huckarde.
Telefon: 02311322157 und 02311322156

für den Bereich Dortmund-Nord
Telefon: 02311322361, 02311322362 und 02311322363

für den Bereich Lünen und Körne
Telefon: 02311323161 und 02311323162

Young people as victims and perpetrators of coercion, blackmail and abuse on the internet
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In urgent cases: Police emergency number 110